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Name a Hexagon

This guide will help you name a Hexagon using any of your Hexagon Domain Name


  • You should already have a Hexagon Domain Name. Get one using this guide.


1. Navigate to the Wannsee ZK Explorer

  • Navigate to the Wannsee ZK Explorer
  • On the left hand side of the page, you'll see a vertical list of icons
  • Click on the second icon titled Mapper

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2. Get Hexagon Address

  • On the Mapper page, click on any of the Hexagon (the green Hexagon shapes), click on any
  • Onclick of a Hexagon, you will see modal at the right side of the screen
  • Click on Hexagon Address, the first item on the list (the one starting with 0x)

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3. Get the Transaction Hash

  • Onclick of the Hexagon Address in the previous page, it takes you to transaction detail page
  • Copy the transaction hash and ask MXC team for Naming Rights, but in near future we will put the Naming Right NFTs in an NFT marketplace for people to purchase.
  • Once Naming Rights is given to your address
  • On the same transaction detail page where you copied the transaction hash, get/copy the token ID under the Tokens minted section

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4. Get the HEX of the Token ID

  • After copying the token ID, navigate to RapidTables
  • Select From Decimal, To Hexadecimal
  • Paste the Token ID you copied and click the Convert button
  • You will get the Hexadecimal of the Token ID
  • Copy the Hexdecimal, you will need it to name the Hexagon

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5. Navigate Back to Wannsee MNS and Set Hexagon to your Domain Name

  • Navigate to the MXC Wannsee MNS
  • Connect your Wallet
  • Search for your registered domain name and click on it
  • Click on the Set to MEP1002 Hexagon

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  • A modal will popup, paste in the Hexadecimal gotten from converting the Token ID
  • Click the Confirm button
  • Click on Open Wallet button
  • Metamask will popup, Click Confirm on the Metamask popup and wait for transaction to complete

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  • Click on Done

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6. Confirm the Hexagon was set to your Domain Name

  • Navigate to the Wannsee Explorer Mapper
  • In the search box, type your domain name, e.g: legalize.mxc
  • You should see: Found 1 matching mns location
  • Press enter on your keyboard, and you will see the Hexagon that has your Domain Name connect wallet

You have successfully set a Hexagon to you Domain Name.