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Blockchain Indexer


An indexer typically refers to a third-party service that offers API pricing models.

This guide will help you get your subgraph work.


Goldsky provides real-time and historical access to data stored on blockchains and lets you transform, enhance, and integrate that data with real-time streams to meet your custom needs.

The easiest way to get testing would be to use their instant subgraphs feature, docs here

In the config file the chain is " mxc-wannsee "

Users can build any subgraph , then instead of using graph deploy, you could use the following command.

goldsky subgraph deploy 


Difference between Goldsky and The Graph

The same subgraph API that your apps already use

  • A load-balanced network of third-party and on-prem RPC nodes to improve performance and reliability
  • Tagging and versioning for hot-swapping subgraphs, allowing for seamless updates
  • Alerts and auto-recovery in case of subgraph data consistency issues due to corruption from re-orgs or other issues
  • A world-class team who monitors your subgraphs 24/7