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Get Hexagon Domain

This guide will help you get an MXC domain name and show you how to name a hexagon with the your domain name.


  • You should have an Ethereum wallet address. Metamask is preferred.
  • You should have some MXC tokens to pay for MXC domain name and transaction fee. Get some tokens using this guide.


1. Navigate to the Wannsee MNS and Connect Your Wallet

  • Make sure your wallet is on MXC Wannsee zkEVM Testnet network
  • Navigate to the MXC Wannsee MNS
  • Click on the Connect button at the top right corner
  • Select Metamask from the modal that pops up and connect your wallet

connect wallet

2. Search for a Preferred Available Username

  • Type any preferred name in the search box and check for availability
  • If available, click on the name with a green Available flag beside it

connect wallet

3. Configure Domain Name Purchase

  • Click on the plus (+) button in increase the number of years you intend purchasing the Domain Name
  • You can turn on the Use as primary name switch, if you want the domain name to be use as your wallet address name
  • Click on the Next Button at the bottom of the page

connect wallet connect wallet

4. Click the Skip profile Button

  • After click the Next Button in the previous page, it takes you to a Create your profile page
  • Click the Skip profile button

connect wallet

5. Start the Domain Registration

  • Click on the Begin button to start the actual domain registration transaction
  • A modal will pop, on that modal click the Open Wallet button
  • Metamask will popup, click the Confirm button on the Metamask popup and wait for the transaction to process
  • Click the Finish button. Don't close the modal
  • Click the Open Wallet button again the second time
  • Metamask will popup again, click the Confirm button and wait for the transaction to finish processing
  • Once the transaction has finished processing you will see a congratulation page and your wallet address will change to your domain name

connect wallet connect wallet

You have successfully purchased an MNS Domain Name, Let's now name a Hexagon with it.