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Configure Wallets

This guide help you connect your wallet to MXC (Wannsee testnet). There are two networks to configure your wallet with:
Arbiturm (goerli testnet) and MXC(Wannsee testnet)


  • You have a wallet installed and ready to use. Some examples are MetaMask and Frame. Please use a hot wallet (not a hardware wallet) for this guide, preferably a throwaway wallet.


1. Add the Arbitrum Goerli testnet

Visit, search for "Arbitrum Goerli", and click the "Add Chain" button.

2. Add the MXC Wannsee testnet

Visit, in filter click "Show Testnet" then search for "MXC Wannsee", and click the "Add Chain" button.

3. Add MXC, Ride, Park tokens to your wallet

Use your wallet (e.g., Metamask) and import the tokens with this configuration.


The add chain buttons did not work

Try to manually add the network to your wallet using the RPC configuration.