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Incentivized Testnet Tasks


MXC Token is already listed on Coinbase, Kraken, and, there is no Presale or Public sale.

The purpose of the Wannsee testnet is to bring the largest Web3 IoT network that MXC community built in 177 countries from 2018 to MXC zkEVM and Arbitrum ecosystem.

Token properties:

Initial supply cap2.6 billion
Launched date2018 August
Inflation/Deflation rateSame as Ethereum as the gas is MXC Token
Minting/burning mechanismL2 Smart Contract/L3 Usages
Bridgeable to Ethereum L1?Yes, through Arbitrum L2
Tokens launch onMXC zkEVM
Airdrop snapshotTBD
Claiming startedAfter Announcement
Claiming endsAfter Announcement